General Meetings Every Wednesday | 8PM @ Winston Chung Hall 138!
Member Recognition Program
The Membership Recognition Program (MRP) is tier-based system that we have here at Circle K where members can be recognized for their dedication and service to the club. Recipients of MRP are those who exemplify themselves in our three tenets – service, leadership, and fellowship!

The MRP term repeats annually, starting from Spring quarter and ending at the Winter quarter. Here at Circle K at UCR, we have a tradition of celebrating the achievements of our MRP recipients during Spring quarter, following the end of each MRP term! Every year, the MRP requirements changes slightly, but remain similar for the most part. You’ll be able to find the MRP requirements for the 2019-2020 term here!

​ Contact our Member Recognition Chair, Gustavo Del Castillo for more information!
Master Records Sheet
Hi! Do you want to see how many service hours you have done? Do you want to know what events you went to? Well you can take a look at the MRS (Master Records Sheet)! And if you are a paid member, you can see how close you are to reaching MRP (Member Recognition Program)!

The MRS is updated every month and if you have any questions about your individual hours or how to navigate the MRS, please feel free to email the secretary, Amy Kobayashi, at or message her on Facebook!
MRS Download